Nicole Baert
Nicole Baert

Nicole Baert creates theme collections inspired on existing pieces of art (dance, film, video ...). These theme collections are the starting point for all collections available in the shop. The hats are exclusive and moste of them unique. All hats, accessories and  jewels are designed and created by myself in my own studio and each hat has a quality label of Design Vlaanderen.

Expositions, training and publications. 

2016 : Recognized craftsman FOD Belgium

2015 : Designer "Billet d"O" and "May De Lys"

2013 : Exhibitions "Based on the Goldberg Variations"

2013 : Paintings, portrets rest home

2012: Bookhouses

2011 : Opening shop / studio  Kortrijk - Heule
2009 : Partitipation  “Design Verpakt” Brussel       
2009 : Exhibition : ”Based on The Goldberg Variations”
             Galerie Marion De Cannière in Antwerpen
2008 : Partitipation  “Design Verpakt” Brussel         
2007 : “Hiding in space" :  exhibition  Artonivo Brugge
2007 : Partitipation “Design verpakt” Brussel
2007 : Partitipation  “Jong Design”  Brussel
2006 : Partitipation  "Designers Week" Kortrijk
2006 : Publication in Kwintessens
2006 : Publicatiob in Outer Horizons
              an annuel edition of the Spanish  Galeria d’Art Horizon
2005 : Selection for Artifact – International Contemporary Crafts Fair te Brugge
2005 : Quality Label Design Flanders
2005 : Second price winner "Vierjaarlijkse Prijs voor Kunstambachten" and publication
2005 : Exhibition Transfo Zwevegem

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